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Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x025F
Function signature: Bdisp_PutDisp_DD(void)


Puts the VRAM on the screen. This function blocks until the copy of the VRAM to the LCD through DMA is finished.

It is possible to write a non-blocking implementation, see Non-blocking_DMA which is used in, for example, ProgrammerNerd's MPEG player.

Internally this function falls through to Bdisp_PutDisp_DD_stripe.

Bdisp_PutDisp_DD:                       ! CODE XREF: sub_8002CA70+B8�p
                                        ! sub_8003E16A+AF6�p ...
                mov     #0xFFFFFFD7, r5
                mov     #0, r4          ! y1=0
                extu.b  r5, r5          ! y2=215
! End of function Bdisp_PutDisp_DD

! =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================

Bdisp_PutDisp_DD_stripe:                ! CODE XREF: sub_800B458A+18C�p