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Header: Not documented
Syscall index: Not documented
Function signature: int Bfile_OpenFile_OS(const unsigned short* filename, int mode);

Opens an existing file in storage memory.


  • filename: A 16 bit character array specifying the name of the desired file, most likely generated by Bfile_StrToName_ncpy.
  • mode: The mode of which the file will be opened with. See #Modes.


A handle to the opened file, or a negative number on failure.


Unlike the standard library's fopen, this function returns with a file not found error if attempting to open a nonexistent file in write mode. Use Bfile_CreateEntry_OS to create a new file, then open it to write.


The following table enumerates the known modes which may be passed as the second parameter to this function.

Mode Alias Description
0 READ Read-only
1 READ_SHARE Read-only and cannot be modified by other add-ins (?)
2 WRITE Write-only
3 READWRITE Both readable and writable
4 READWRITE_SHARE Both readable and writable and cannot be modified by other add-ins (?)