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Header: fxcg/file.h
Syscall index: 0x1DAC
Function signature: int Bfile_ReadFile_OS(int handle, void *buf, int size, int pos)

Reads bytes from an open file.


  • handle: File handle as returned by Bfile_OpenFile_OS.
  • buf: Location to store data read from file.
  • size: Number of bytes to read.
  • pos: File offset to read at, or -1 to read from the current file pointer (like stdio).


Number of bytes read, or a negative error code on failure.


Large values for size (one megabyte or more) may cause issues (hang the calculator).

If size is >0, then the position in the file handle will be moved to pos+size after the function. If size is 0, the position will not be set to pos.