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This page's documentation is not complete and is based off of preliminary testing. There may be errors in the documentation or the naming conventions may not be completely agreed upon.



Function declaration: void DisplayMBString(unsigned char *buffer, int start, int cursor, int x, int y)

Draws a string for manual single-line text editing. A blinking cursor is provided and the string does not wrap.


  • unsigned char* buffer - A text string that will be displayed - can be constant
  • int start - Location of the first character to display. 0 is the beginning of the string, >0 will shift the string to the left.
  • int cursor - Location of the cursor from the start of the string. This is absolute and is from the start of the displayed text (cursor of 3 and start of 2, the cursor is located after the first character displayed, not after the third). 0 is before the first character.
  • int x - X location to draw the string, similar to PrintXY.
  • int y - Y location to draw the string, similar to PrintXY.


None, non-blocking. Cursor blinking cannot be moved unless this function is recalled with update cursor


Cursor set out of bounds not tested. Overflow characters are not drawn.

This function is meant for manual string entry.