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This page has not been completed. Parts may be missing or reorganized before completed. Information is provided as-is and may have errors.

This page contains information about the four known hardware revisions used on the Prizm. The hardware goes by the internal name of LY755 (the ClassPad model fx-CP400, which shares the same CPU, goes by the internal name of LY777).

Hardware revisions are the same between fx-CG 10 and fx-CG 20 models. In all the hardware revisions, the only difference between the models, apart from any PCB inscriptions, is two bytes in the bootloader area of the Flash. The OS checks these bytes to modify its behavior, enabling fx-CG 20 features selectively.


(Did this one really exist, and if yes, did it even make its way to consumers?)



Introduced in production lines in October 2010 or before.


Introduced in production lines in March 2013 or before.

Changes from previous version:

  • Use of Macronix Flash chip;
  • Different MPU oscillator;
  • Differences near the USB port - new test contact;
  • New test contact near the 3 pin port;
  • New LCD controller.

Calculators with this hardware revision appear to take approximately one second longer to boot.