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Welcome to WikiPrizm

To date, although many great applications have been made for the Casio Prizm color-screen graphing calculator, details are far too sparse and disorganized, spanning forum threads on several websites, scattered downloadable documentation in limited formats, and a few reference pages. We hope to collate and organize all this information into a simple, clear, and useable reference guide to programming the Casio Prizm and to getting games and programs for your Prizm.

Getting Started

Help This Project

  • Our primary drive is enumerating and providing good documentation and examples of the ' the Prizm provides. Please add any items that you can!
  • The Useful Prizm Routines thread on the Cemetech forum has some great C routines, but they need to be properly organized into the Useful Routines page.

WikiPrizm is a project started under the auspices of Cemetech, but welcomes contributions from the entire Casio and TI programming community without bias. WikiPrizm was last updated on August 7, 2022.