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The SH7305 is comprised of many different peripherals that surround a SH4a core in the SH7305. Due to a lack of known documentation, the peripherals included in the SH7305 are guessed based on similarities to other SuperH CPUs with known documentation.

Unknown Peripherals

Please document all reads/writes to unknown peripherals. This is an effort to produce documentation by analyzing their usage. Please report the address, access size in bytes, mark read and/or write, and note what the surrounding code was doing or any hypothesis about the function. Note that 0x8xxxxxxx-0x9xxxxxxx and 0xAxxxxxxx-0xBxxxxxxx addresses are identical, standardize on 0xAxxxxxxx-0xBxxxxxxx addresses.

Address Size Read Write Notes
A405 0184 2 No Yes Writes 0x9554 on cold start. Order for next 3: ...86, ...88, ...8A, ...84. This overlaps with the SH7724's PFC's PULCR (pullup control register), but most likely not the same.
A405 0186 2 No Yes Writes 0x5555 on cold start. Overlaps with the SH7724's PFC
A405 0188 2 No Yes Writes 0x5555 on cold start. Overlaps with the SH7724's PFC
A405 018A 2 No Yes Writes 0x5515 on cold start. Overlaps with the SH7724's PFC
A400 0010 4 No Yes Writes 4 on cold start
A400 001C 4 No Yes Writes 0x800 on cold start

Peripherals List

List of peripherals that match documentation

Name SH Core Base Address Verified Notes
BSC SH7730 FEC1 0000 No Assumed to be SH7724 before, register accesses match up with SH7730, maybe others
RTC SH7720 A413 FEC0 Yes I've tested this, from Simon's docs

Peripherals on Cold Start

  • (SH7724) STBCR <- 0 (Standby control)
  • (SH7724) MSTPCR0 <- 0 (module stop 0)
  • (SH7724) MSTPCR0 <- 0xFFFFFFFF (module stop 2)