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Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x021B
Function signature: void PrintMiniMini(int *x, int *y, unsigned char* MB_string, int mode, char color, int simulate)

Draws a line of text on the VRAM using a very small font, smaller than the one used by PrintMini, as seen on the axis labels of graphs, for example.


  • int* x - Pointer to an integer containing the position of the text on a horizontal axis, in pixels. It is automatically updated to the position for the next character as the text is drawn
  • int* y - Pointer to an integer containing the position of the text on a vertical axis, in pixels. Under normal conditions the drawing happens 24 pixels below the coordinate specified, to take care of the status area.
  • unsigned char* MB_string - The string to display. Can include a limited set of multi-byte characters.
  • int mode - The individual bits of this int control different aspects:
    • Bit 0 controls whether color should be the back color and text color is white;
    • Bit 2 controls whether the string is written using black as back color. The font color is the inverted color.
    • Bit 4 controls whether the string font used is boldfaced.
    • Bit 6 controls whether the status area is unlocked (so that the y coordinate is not incremented).
    • Bit 7 controls whether the background is cleared or not.
    • Other bits have no obvious effect.
  • char color - indexed color in the range 0 to 7, same as those used with PrintXY
  • int simulate - if not zero, the function does not actually write to VRAM and will only update the x and y values, simulating the draw. Useful to check the dimension of a string when drawn.