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SDKs and Tools

Please note that the above package has out of date content. You should follow the |setup guide to get newer files, until the SDK is updated (specifically mkg3a, the headers, the common files, and the libraries).

Reference Guide


Article creation is still being completed. Please discuss this section.

  1. PrizmSDK Setup Guide - Setting up the PrizmSDK
  2. Learning the Ropes - Learning how the SDK works and how to make projects
  3. Hello World - Making your first Addin
  4. Printing Text - Shows different methods of printing strings and numbers.
  5. Reading Input - Getting user input
  6. File Access - Managing files in the RAM and ROM
  7. Popup windows - Shows how to use popup windows
  8. Advances GUIs - Shows how to make advanced user inferfaces
  9. Drawing Sprites - Drawing pictures and shapes

Zeldaking/Ashbad Tutorials:

  1. Introduction - Getting resources for learning C and setting up the SDK
  2. The Basics - Learning how add-ins are made