RTC SetDateTime

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Header: fxcg/rtc.h
Syscall index: 0x11DE
Function signature: void RTC_SetDateTime(unsigned char* timestr)

Sets the Real-Time Clock.


  • timestr - Pointer to 7 bytes unsigned char array. The meaning of each array field is as follows:
    • timestr[0] and timestr[1]: year in BCD format (for example, 0x20 0x08);
    • timestr[2]: month in BCD format (for example, 0x03);
    • timestr[3]: day in BCD format (for example, 0x02);
    • timestr[4]: hour in BCD format (for example, 0x19);
    • timestr[5]: minute in BCD format (for example, 0x47);
    • timestr[6]: second in BCD format (for example, 0x03).