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Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1EF8
Function signature: void SetBackGround(int background);

Draws to VRAM one of the built-in OS backgrounds.


  • background - number of the background. See table below:
background output
0 Matrix Mode Background
1 Equation Mode Background
2 2 Conic Graphs on books. Cannot find this in default OS modes.
3 Program Mode Background
4 Financial Mode Background
5 "Wakeup enable" background (Link Mode).
6 Briefcase with calculator and papers. Cannot find this in default OS modes.
7 System Mode Background
8 Language Background
9 Book and binoculars, presumably representing find and replace. Cannot find this in default OS modes.
10 "New File" Background
11 Conversion Mode Background
12 "Open Spreadsheet" Background
13 "Save" Background (spreadsheet mode)
14 "Capture Set Mode" background (Link Mode).
15 Open geometry file background.
16 "Select cable type" background (Link Mode).
17 same as 16.
18 PC => Calc transfer background (link mode).