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Information obtained by analyzing CPU73050.dll (DRAFT!)

  • "USB address": 0xA4D80050
  • "USB request type": 0xA4D80054
  • "USB request value": 0xA4D80056
  • "USB request index": 0xA4D80058
  • "USB request length": 0xA4D8005A
  • "USB power control": 0xA40501D4
  • "USB receive data": 0xA0010006 (???)
  • "USB power supply detection": 0xA0010001 (???)
  • "USB transmit data": 0xA0010006 (???)

I have not verified any of these, and the last three seem to fall in the middle of the flash?

--Gbl08ma (talk) 18:45, 15 February 2015 (EST)

Do those addresses match any known SuperH USB peripheral? Not sure what to say about the addresses in flash. Maybe addresses are stored there?
Ahelper (talk) 19:29, 15 February 2015 (EST)

PFC information from the same DLL:

  • PACR - "Port A Control": 0xA4050100 (matches SH7724)
  • PBCR - "Port B Control": 0xA4050102 (matches SH7724)

... Port * Control registers match SH7724 up to V (inclusive). The SH7305 doesn't appear to have more ports after Port V.

  • PADR - "Port A data": 0xA4050120 (matches SH7724)

... Port * data registers match SH7724 up to N (inclusive). Then there's:

  • PPDR - "Port P data": 0xA405016A (doesn't exist on SH7724)

PQDR and the ones that follow up to PVDR (inclusive) match the SH7724.

  • PSELA - "Pin group A select": 0xA405014E (matches SH7724)

... match SH7724 ...

  • PSELE - "Pin group E select": 0xA405014E (matches SH7724)
  • PSELF - "Pin group F select": 0xA405015E (doesn't exist on SH7724)
  • PSELG - "Pin group G select": 0xA40501C8 (doesn't exist on SH7724)
  • PSELH - "Pin group H select": 0xA40501D6 (doesn't exist on SH7724)
  • HIZCRA - "Data pin Hi-Z control A": 0xA4050158 (matches SH7724)
  • HIZCRB - "Data pin Hi-Z control B": 0xA405015A (matches SH7724)
  • HIZCRC - "Data pin Hi-Z control C": 0xA405015C (matches SH7724)

The SH7305 doesn't appear to have HIZCRD, unlike the SH7724.

  • MSELCRA - "Module function select A": 0xA4050180 (matches SH7724)
  • MSELCRB - "Module function select B": 0xA4050182 (matches SH7724)
  • DRVCRA - "Buffer drive control A": 0xA4050186 (doesn't match SH7724)
  • DRVCRB - "Buffer drive control B": 0xA4050188 (doesn't match SH7724)
  • DRVCRC - "Buffer drive control C": 0xA405018A (doesn't match SH7724)
  • DRVCRD - "Buffer drive control D": 0xA4050184 (doesn't exist on SH7724)
  • PULCRBSC - "BSC pull-up/down control": 0xA40501C3 (doesn't exist on SH7724)
  • PULCRTRST - "TRST pull-up/down select": 0xA40501C5 (doesn't exist on SH7724)

None of the following appear to exist on the SH7724:

  • PULCRA - "Port A pull-up/down control": 0xA4050190
  • PULCRB - "Port B pull-up/down control": 0xA4050191
  • PULCRC - "Port C pull-up/down control": 0xA4050192

... Add 1 to get pull-up/down control addresses (note that PULCRI doesn't exist), up to:

  • PULCRN - "Port N pull-up/down control": 0xA405019C
  • PULCRP - "Port P pull-up/down control": 0xA40501C6
  • PULCRQ - "Port Q pull-up/down control": 0xA405019D
  • PULCRR - "Port R pull-up/down control": 0xA405019E
  • PULCRS - "Port S pull-up/down control": 0xA405019F
  • PULCRT - "Port T pull-up/down control": 0xA40501C0
  • PULCRU - "Port U pull-up/down control": 0xA40501C1
  • PULCRV - "Port V pull-up/down control": 0xA40501C2

Apparently this is very different from the PFC on the SH7724; I don't know if there's another chip that matches the SH7305 more closely in this aspect. I couldn't find a direct equivalent to PULCR. At least we now know what those addresses the bootloader accesses mean. --Gbl08ma (talk) 15:23, 16 February 2015 (EST)