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Information obtained by analyzing CPU73050.dll (DRAFT!)

  • "USB address": 0xA4D80050
  • "USB request type": 0xA4D80054
  • "USB request value": 0xA4D80056
  • "USB request index": 0xA4D80058
  • "USB request length": 0xA4D8005A
  • "USB power control": 0xA40501D4
  • "USB receive data": 0xA0010006 (???)
  • "USB power supply detection": 0xA0010001 (???)
  • "USB transmit data": 0xA0010006 (???)

I have not verified any of these, and the last three seem to fall in the middle of the flash?

--Gbl08ma (talk) 18:45, 15 February 2015 (EST)