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Header: fxcg/system.h
Syscall index: 0x08D9
Function signature: int Timer_Install(int InternalTimerID, void (*handler)(void), int elapse)

Installs a timer, optionally at a specific slot, which will run periodically at a given frequency.


  • InternalTimerID - slot to install the timer on. If 0, the system will automatically choose a free user timer slot - this is the recommended operation mode. For more information on the slots see Timers.
  • handler - pointer to function that will run periodically. This function must not call any direct-display (DD) syscall, as these are not reentrant.
  • elapse - time, in milliseconds, between each call to handler.


The number of the slot where the timer is installed. This is the number that should be used as parameter to other timer syscalls.