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Preliminary research! Do not pay much attention to this.

0x9A - Matrix letter input dialog

0x197 - makes emulator screen become quite dark. called on PowerOff and Restart.

0x8E8 - InputDateDialog

0x8E9 - InputMonthDialog

0x8EA - InputDayDialog

0x8EB - InputYearDialog

0x183C - makes emulator screen go completely black. OS keeps running fine behind it. Emulator reboots will not bring the screen back on. Called on PowerOff.

Not completely syscall-related, but anyway: On emulator with OS 01.02 and probably on every calculator (since this knowledge was acquired from REing OS 02.00 dump):

0xFD8014AC is a pointer to the address where to store the backup of the first message box pushed (confirmed)

0xFD8014B0 is the same thing, for the second message box pushed (i.e., push one msg box then push another) (confirmed)

0xFD8014B4 might be the same thing, for the third message box pushed. not confirmed. no references to it exist in the code

Similarly, for ...B8, ...BC. no references to these in the code either

Address for SaveVRAM_1/LoadVRAM_1 is hardcoded in their routines, but changes with OS version.