mkg3a is a utility to combine icons and a binary into a .g3a file executable on the Prizm. The project page for mkg3a is located here. If you installed mkg3a from source yourself, it should have installed a manpage, which provides all of the below information (run man mkg3a).

Download #

You can find the soure code of mkg3a on Bitbucket, but you will have to compile it from source. Arch Linux users can also find it in the AUR.

Usage #

Note that mkg3a has been changed since the release of PrizmSDK 3. If the commands listed don’t work, please update your mkg3a

The command line usage of mkg3a is in the form of mkg3a [OPTION] input-file [output-file]. The input file should be a .bin file, as emitted by gcc/ld with the Prizm linker script. The output file is a .g3a file, the name of which is auto-generated from your input file name (chop off ‘.bin’, tack on ‘.g3a’) if not specified. mkg3a accepts the following options:

  • -i (uns|sel):file - This is used to specify the unselected and selected icons for when the addin is displayed in the Prizm’s Main Menu. These images may be in .bmp or .png. In both cases, the images must be 24-bit RGB, and BMP files may not be compressed. They must also be the correct size (64 by 92 pixels). For icon design guidelines, refer to the Addin Usability Guidelines.
  • -n lc:name - This is used to set the localized name of the addin. This is needed because addins contain the name in different languages and for different modes. If you omit lc: (such as -n name), then mkg3a will default to the basic name. You can specify as many language names as you want, however the last one specified for a given language will be used. The list of language codes are listed below:
    • en - English name
    • es - Spanish name.
    • de - German name.
    • fr - French name.
    • pt - Portuguese name.
    • zh - Chinese name.
    • basic - (Default for mkg3a) Unlocalized name.
    • internal - This appears to be used by the Prizm internally. It should generally not be set manually (mkg3a derives a reasonable value from the specified basic name).
  • -v - Displays the version info and copyright information

Examples #

Given example.bin as input, create example.g3a. The default name is “James”, and the French-localized name is “Jacques”. Icons are foo.png and bar.bmp, respectively.

mkg3a -n James -n fr:Jacques -i uns:foo.png -i sel:bar.bmp example.bin