Synopsis #

Plots a point at (x,y) on the screen with a specified color

Source code #

#include <fxcg/display.h>
void plot(unsigned x,unsigned y,unsigned short color){
    unsigned short*s=(unsigned short*) GetVRAMAddress;

Inputs #

x - Specifies the x coordinate of the pixel in range of [0,383]
y - Specifies the y coordinate of the pixel in range of [0,215]
color - Specifies what color the plotted pixel will be. It is in RGB 565 format.

Notes #

Given the minimal nature of this function, call overhead can easily be a non-trivial factor in obtaining reasonable performance. Marking it as static inline and declaring it in a single header file may be appropriate to help ensure this function is inlined.

Comments #

Function written by ProgrammerNerd