Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/app.h
Syscall index: 0x1E23
Function signature: void ResetAllDialog(void);

Opens a message box asking “Reset OK?” on the first line and saying “Initialize All” on the second, same as pressing F6 then F2 on the “RESET” screen available from the System menu.

Comments #

If the user answers with F6 or EXIT, the syscall will return. If F1 is pressed and add-ins are installed, a new question will appear, “Delete Add-ins?”,"(Add-ins are",“after SYSTEM”,“on MAIN MENU.)”. If EXIT or F6 is pressed on this second screen, the syscall returns and no reset operation is performed. If F1 is pressed (or if there are no add-ins installed), the system will actually empty all memories (be careful) and display a “Reset!”,“Initialize All” message. Once EXIT is pressed the calculator will reboot, however, one can still get to the Main Menu while this message is shown.