Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/system.h
Syscall index: 0x1E6E
Function signature: void SetQuitHandler(void (*callback)())

Registers the handler that is called when the add-in terminates, that is, gives its place to another child process. This allows for showing, for instance, “Save file?” dialogs like the one shown when leaving eActivity with a unsaved file open.\

Parameters #

  • callback - pointer to function that should be called when leaving the add-in.\

Comments #

Using a quit handler is only necessary if you are doing something unusual on your add-in, that must be undone when leaving, or if you want to ask the user something (but please, please do not this for annoying “Really exit?” messages, because if the user is leaving, well, they really want to).

Otherwise, there’s no need to clean things up for the next application - the OS takes care of resetting custom keyboard mappings, stack and heap for you, as well as stopping and uninstalling user timers. Bfile handles and the VBR, however, are not automatically closed, and their files will become unavailable for use by other add-ins if you don’t close them. Additionally, more problems can emerge on normal OS operation due to a reduced amount of handles available, especially in the case of file finding handles.