Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/file.h
Syscall index: 0x1563
Function signature: int MCSGetData1(int offset, int len_to_copy, void* buffer)

Read len_to_copy bytes into buffer from the currently selected item in main memory, starting at offset.

Parameters #

  • int offset - The offset into the item to read from.
  • int len_to_copy - The amount of data you want to read.
  • void* buffer - The buffer to read into.

Returns #

  • 0 for success;
  • other values on failure.

Comments #

Call MCSGetDlen2 on the item you want to read from, to select it. After doing it you can use this syscall.

Note that between the call to MCSGetDlen2 and the call to this syscall, process switching cannot occur, i.e., one can’t call anything that allows for entering the menu or switching to eActivity (in the case of eActivity strips). So, make sure you do not call GetKey between the calls to these syscalls.