Synopsis #

Header: fxcd/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1EF7
Function signature: void WriteBackground(void* target, int width, int height, void* source, int, int, int )

Sets a background image from a given bitmap, unlike SetBackGround which allows you to set a predefined background from the default included in the OS.

Parameters #

  • void* target - pointer to the destination of the bitmap
  • int width - should be set to 384
  • int height - should be set to 192
  • void* source - pointer to a TBGRbitmap struct.

The last three parameters should be set to zero.

typedef struct {
  unsigned short width;    // set to 384
  unsigned short height;   // set to 192
  unsigned short unknown1; // set to 0x10
  unsigned short unknown2; // set to 0x00
  unsigned short unknown3; // set to 0x01
  unsigned short unknown4; // set to 0xF800
  unsigned short* bitmap;  // pointer to the bitmap to set as background
} TBGRbitmap