Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1883
Function signature: void PrintLine(const char*msg, int imax)

Prints a message on the screen at the cursor position set by locate_OS, cutting it at a certain length.

Parameters #

  • msg - pointer to a buffer (possibly const and/or static) containing the message to display.
  • imax - maximum length, zero-based, of the message to display. Characters past this length will not be displayed.

Comments #

This syscall calls PrintLine2 like this: PrintLine2(0, 1, msg, 0, -1, imax, 0, 7).

Example #

The following code:

PrintLine((unsigned char*)"ThisIsAtest", 5);

…will display “This” starting at the text column 2, row 3.