Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x0290
Function signature: void Bdisp_WriteGraphVRAM(struct display_graph* gd)

Draws a bitmap to VRAM, supporting multiple color modes, mask colors, skipping offsets inside the bitmap, transparency and more.

Parameters #

  • struct display_graph* gd - pointer to struct containing information on the bitmap to draw

    struct display_graph {
        int x;
        int y;
        int xofs;
        int yofs;
        int width;
        int height;
        char colormode;
        char zero4;
        char P20_1;
        char P20_2;
        int bitmap;
        char color_idx1;
        char color_idx2;
        char color_idx3;
        char P20_3;
        char writemodify;
        char writekind;
        char zero6;
        char one1;
        int transparency;
  • x and y - position in pixels where the bitmap should be drawn (coordinates of the top-left corner).

  • xofs and yofs - offset inside the bitmap, where its drawing should start.

  • width and height - dimension, in pixels, of the bitmap to draw.

  • colormode - 1 is 4 bit-per-pixel, 16 color mode; 2 is 16 bit-per-pixel, full color (RGB565); 3 is 1 bit-per-pixel, monochrome, 16 color mode.

  • bitmap - pointer to the bitmap to draw.

  • color_idx1 - indexed color (see PrintXY colors), which is used to draw a set bit when colormode is 3.

  • color_idx2 - indexed color, which is used to draw a cleared bit when colormode is 3.

  • color_idx3 - indexed color, which is transparent when colormode is 3.

  • writemodify - 1 is normal, 2 is reverse, 3 is halftone

  • writemode - 1 overwrites, 2 OR-writes, 3 AND-writes and 4 XOR-writes.

  • transparency - value from 0 to 100 specifying the transparency.

  • zero4, zero6 and one1 should be set to 0 (zero).

  • P20_1 and P20_2 should be set to 0x20.

  • P20_3 should be set to 1.

Comments #

Unscientific tests showed that using Bdisp_WriteGraphVRAM to write 16 bit-per-pixel color bitmaps (to achieve the same purpose as the custom function CopySprite) is as fast, or even faster, than using CopySprite, with GCC 4.8 optimizing for size. This syscall (or a variant of it) probably also supports mask colors on 16 bpp bitmaps, because file type icons, in native file browsers, must be drawn in some way. If such functionality is found, then this syscall will be a valid replacement for the custom functions usually known as CopySprite (already is), XORSprite (already is), CopySpriteMasked, AlphaSprite, CopySpriteMaskedAlpha, CopySprite1bit, CopySprite3bit and possibly more.