Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x0C2C
Function signature: int SMEM_MapIconToExt(unsigned char* filename, unsigned short* foldername, unsigned int* msgno, unsigned short* iconbuffer)

Gets the icon and message number, corresponding to type name, for a certain file or folder.

Parameters #

  • filename - a pointer to the filename of file for which to retrieve the icon.
  • foldername - a pointer to a 16 bit character array. If the array is empty, filename is analyzed to retrieve the icon for it. Otherwise, the folder icon is returned.
  • msgno - a pointer to an int that will hold the message number (suitable for use with LocalizeMessage1 or PrintXY_2) corresponding to the file type name.
  • iconbuffer - pointer to a buffer that will receive an 0x12 x 0x18, 16 bit (RGB565) color icon (0x1B0 short numbers). This icon has a magenta (0xF81F) background to be used as transparency mask. The bitmap can be displayed with Bdisp_WriteGraphVRAM or the custom routine CopySpriteMasked.