Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1815
Function signature: unsigned char ColorIndexDialog1(unsigned char initial_index, unsigned short disable_mask)

Opens the OS color selection dialog, which allows choosing one of eight colors.

Parameters #

  • initial_index - the initially selected color;
  • disable_mask - what items to disable. The following applies to all ColorIndexDialog syscalls:
    • 0x8000: disables 9:Auto
    • 0x4000: disables A:Clear
    • 0x0001 to 0x0080: disables the corresponding color item

Returns #

The following return values apply to all ColorIndexDialog syscalls:

  • The selected color index, 0 to 7, when user selects a color from 1 to 8.
  • 0xFD when user selects 9:Auto.
  • 0xFE when user selects A:Clear.
  • 0xFF when user cancels using EXIT, QUIT or AC/ON.

Comments #

This version of the dialog doesn’t allow for selecting “9: Auto” or “A: Clear”.

Key handling is done by the syscall, which returns when the user selects a color or cancels using EXIT, QUIT or AC/ON.