Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/file.h
Syscall index: 0x1DAF
Function signature: int Bfile_WriteFile_OS(int handle, const void* buf, int size)

Writes to an open file at the current file position, given its handle, the content to write and the size of that content.\

Parameters #

  • handle - the handle of the file to write (this is the value returned by Bfile_OpenFile_OS).
  • buf - pointer to buffer containing what should be written. Please note that this buffer should not be in the flash (it should not be static or const), because strange behavior has been observed when that is the case.
  • size - how many bytes to write. This can be the size of the buffer, or less if you don’t want to write all the contents in the buffer.\

Returns #

If the operation succeeds, it returns the new file position. It is greater than or equal to 0. If it fails, a negative error code is returned.\

Comments #

WARNING: This function resizes the file if the content to write, taking into account the current file position, does not fit in the current file size. The file cannot shrink, only expand. If you need to shrink a file, delete then recreate it, and write the new contents.

The source buffer must not be in the flash, at least not in a file in the storage memory, because during the write operation, automatic file system optimization may make the source buffer get mapped to the wrong address - situation similar to what causes the Incompatibility_between_Bfile_Syscalls_and_Timers.

Using Bfile functions while user timers are installed can cause SYSTEM ERRORs and other undefined behavior, especially with functions that change data on the file system. Make sure to stop and uninstall all timers before using Bfile functions (and optionally restore them later). See Incompatibility_between_Bfile_Syscalls_and_Timers for more information.\

Example #

Here’s an example that shows how to write a constant string to a file - it must be copied to RAM first:

// hFile is the handle of an open file
char buffer[20]; // an array allocated on the stack
strcpy(buffer, (char*)"Constant string");
Bfile_WriteFile_OS(hFile, buffer, strlen(buffer));

Instead of providing the constant string to the syscall directly:

Bfile_WriteFile_OS(hFile, "Constant string", 15); // may cause SYSTEM ERRORs, see Comments for an explanation