Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h (Not yet in libfxcg)
Syscall index: 0x0920
Function signature: unsigned short Bdisp_ColorAndFrameSetFlags(int colorMode,int frameColor);

Calls Bdisp_FrameAndColor with an action value of 3. This means you will need to call the Bdisp_FrameAndColor function with an action value of one to see the results of the newly set flags.

Parameters #

colorMode Nonzero if 8 color mode should be disabled. Zero to enable 8 color mode. frameColor Nonzero to draw a white frame, zero to draw a black frame.

Returns #

See Bdisp_FrameAndColor

Comments #

Here is a disassembly of the function:

        tst r4, r4
        extu.b  r5, r2
        bf/s    r4NonZero
        mov #16, r5     ! If r4 is nonzero set r5 to 16 to disable 8-color mode
        mov #0, r5      ! Otherwise set r5 to zero to enable 8 color mode

        tst r2, r2
        bf  r2NonZero
        mov #1, r0
        or  r0, r5      ! Draw a black frame instead of a white one

        bra Bdisp_FrameAndColor
        mov #3, r4      ! Set flags only, no actions other than flag setting are taken by the funciton
! End of function Bdisp_ColorAndFrameSetFlags