Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/file.h
Syscall index: 0x1562
Function signature: int MCSGetDlen2(unsigned char* dir, unsigned char* item, int* data_len)

Gets the length in bytes of the item in main memory, and selects it for posterior usage by, for example, MCSGetData1.

Parameters #

  • unsigned char* dir - The name of the directory where the item is located.
  • unsigned char* item - The name of the item.
  • int* data_len - Pointer to variable that will receive the length of the data.

Returns #

  • 0 for success;
  • other values on failure.

Comments #

Selects dir\item as the item for MCSGetData1 to operate with. As explained on its article, process switching (i.e. GetKey) can’t occur between the calls to these syscalls.