Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/keyboard.h
Syscall index: 0x0111
Function signature: void Bkey_ClrAllFlags(void)

Clears all of the flags in a set related to keyboard input.

Comments #

Clears all bits of the short value at 0xFD80161A. From Simon Lothar’s documentation:

Bit 0x0020: see 0x8013FF2C
Bit 0x0040: see 0x8024CF3C
Bit 0x0080: see 0x80249570
Bit 0x0200: see 0x8014BAB2 (f. i. used to flag the OverwriteConfimation-Dialog(0x0D91))
Bit 0x1000: see 0x8013FBDA
Bit 0x8000: is set during showing a battery-low-status message (f. i. syscall 0x1E75).

The FKey_mapping (0x0129/0x012B) is bypassed, if any of 0xFD80161A's bits are set.