Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/app.h
Syscall index: 0x0D79
Function signature: void App_InitDlgDescriptor( void*P1, unsigned char P2 );

The function of this syscall is not yet known in detail, please see below for more information.

Comments #

So far, this is what is known about this syscall:

  • Sets *(unsigned char*)P1 to P2;
  • Sets *(unsigned short*)(P1+2) to 0;
  • Sets 13 bytes starting at *(unsigned char*)(P1+4) to 0;
  • Sets *(unsigned short*)(P1+0x20) to 0;
  • Sets *(unsigned int*)(P1+0x24) to 0;
  • Sets 6 words starting at *(unsigned short*)(P1+0x12) to 0xFFFF;
  • Sets *(unsigned int*)(P1+0x28) to 0;
  • Sets *(unsigned char*)(P1+0x2C) to 0;
  • Sets *(unsigned char*)(P1+0x2D) to 0;
  • Leaves some bytes undefined, most probably due to structure alignment.