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In this section of the tutorial, you’ll learn where to find resources for learning computer C, as well as set up the Prizm SDK which will start you coding right away.

Resources #

First off you will need to have to know C, or C++. C is recommended since coding C++ for the Prizm is very splotchy. If you have no clue what C is we recommend visiting 1. If you have any questions concerning code, become a member on Cemetech and post on the forums.

Setting up the SDK and other Files #

Now we are sure you have some coding experience you will need a source code editor, most preferably Notepad++. This allows you to code in the easiest way possible. Google or Bing search it and download. Now go to here and click on something that looks like this: “PrizmSDK: PrizmSDK vX.X” This will bring you to the Cemetech website, you can download the .tar or the .zip file. I prefer the .zip because it is easier to extract.

Find the folder where the Prizm SDK was downloaded (possibly in Downloads). Right click and select extract all, this will leave you with the empty .zip file, and a normal folder. The folder has all of the files you will need. Right click again and select cut, navigate to your computer C:/ file (local disk C:/). Right click and paste. Now you have the SDK in the correct place.

Credits #