Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1D86
Function signature: void Bdisp_HeaderFill(unsigned char c_idx1, unsigned char c_idx2)

Fills the status area with a checkerboard background (seen when inside an eActivity strip) with the given colors.

Parameters #

  • unsigned char c_idx1 - first color
  • unsigned char c_idx2 - second color

Color table #

color index hex
0 0x0000 (black)
1 0x001F (blue)
2 0x07E0 (green)
3 0x07FF (cyan)
4 0xF800 (red)
5 0xF81F (magenta)
6 0xFFE0 (yellow)
7 0xFFFF (white)
8 0x0008 (marine)
9 0x0009
A 0x000A
B 0x000B
C 0x000C
D 0x000D
E 0x000E
F 0xFFDF (silver)