Bfile functions are used to operate on the Prizm’s storage memory.

Using Bfile functions while user timers are installed can cause SYSTEM ERRORs and other undefined behavior, especially with functions that change data on the file system. Make sure to stop and uninstall all timers before using Bfile functions (and optionally restore them later). See Incompatibility_between_Bfile_Syscalls_and_Timers for more information.

The OS supports up to 16 simultaneously open files and file finding handles, but strange behavior (most likely a OS bug) occurs if files other than the one in the first handle slot are located in directories (other than the root). This is why the file copying function of the Utilities add-in, which opens both the source and the destination file at once, uses a temporary file in the filesystem root as the destination file, and only moves it to the intended correct destination path in the end.