Synopsis #

Header: fxcg/display.h
Syscall index: 0x1865
Function signature: void PrintLine2(int P1, int mode, const char* msg, int P4, int P5, int imax, int color1, int color2)

Prints a message at the cursor position set with locate_OS with custom back and foreground colors.\

Parameters #

  • P1 - unknown meaning.
  • mode - if bit 0 is set, the complete line is processed, otherwise only the message is processed. If bit 7 and bit 5 are set, color2 is used as text color and color1 is used as background color; else colors are inverted - color1 is used as text color and color2 is used as background color.
  • msg - pointer to a buffer (possibly const and/or static) containing the message to display.
  • P4 - unknown meaning, set to 0.
  • P5 - unknown meaning, set to -1.
  • imax - maximum length, zero-based, of the message to display. Characters past this length will not be displayed.
  • color1 and color2 - foreground and background colors for text (see PrintXY for valid values).\

Comments #

PrintLine is a simplified version of this syscall that does not support custom colors.